Waste Management

An amount of 3500 litres of “contaminated water” was pumped and disposed within 24 hours of receiving an order number from the supply chain.

“The Nice Equipment Company worked efficiently, professionally and got the job of servicing the tanks done in record time” , stated the site service manager.

“We pumped and disposed a total of 310 000 litres of sewerage in 6 days” says the satisfied Ops Manager at the Cape Town Branch of The Nice Equipment Company.

Nice received the call from a stressed client who had an immediate and substantial sewerage blockage and overflow problem.

Prices were agreed, orders placed and the Nice team were on site within 4 hours of the call.

“When we first arrived on site we had to stabilize the overflows and then do an immediate clean up. Once this was achieved ongoing pumping and dumping was required 24 hours a day”.